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June 20, 2012

Diocesan Effectiveness Review

Dear members of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania –


Our Diocese and our local parishes are going through a time of change and transformation.  The Standing Committee of the Diocese is in the midst of reviewing the effectiveness of the Diocese and needs your input to ensure that all voices are heard.

This survey is an opportunity for all members of the Diocese to offer feedback to about our life together as a Christian community.  Your responses will help our Diocese to and grow in faith and practice.


The format is simple: “Three Pluses and a Wish.” (Responses are “anonymous” to encourage all members to freely express themselves.)


The three Pluses should be distinct and thoughtful. The Pluses are descriptions or statements of what you think are the Diocese’s strengths, what the Diocese does well, or in what way/s the Diocese meets your spiritual and church community’s needs. Please be concise and descriptive—do not use “empty” adjectives such as “wonderful” or “nice”. Be specific about what you value most about life in our Diocese.


Your Wish is a suggestion for improvement or a critique of any aspect(s) of our church life. What do you think Diocesan leadership can do better? If the Diocesan leadership can be more responsive to your needs, exactly how? What can we do differently, change, add? The Wish can be something big or some seemingly “silly” detail. (God is in the details.) It is important only that you are forthright and descriptive. Your candid feedback will help our Diocese to remain strong and help us all grow in our faith together.


Thank you for the gift of your honest feedback.    We ask that you complete the survey by Friday, July 6, so the Diocesan Effectiveness Review team can read and synthesize the feedback received into its report to the Standing Committee and the Bishop. 


Access the survey here.

2012 Diocesan Convention Summary

StickmanA summary of events, presentation materials, and resources from the recent Convention are available on the website.

Missed convention or want to watch it again? Click here to view the recordings.

Rite Stuff 1.6.1 Available at Special Price

Attention all parishes - the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania has negotiated a special pricing for Rite Stuff 1.6.1, a downloadable liturgical planning resource for the Episcopal Church.

From now until Friday, July 13, 2012 a parish may purchase Rite Stuff 1.6.1 for only $275.00 per copy!   Click here for more details.

Calling All Campers

There is still time to register for BASIC camp, July 22-27 at Camp Mt. Luther. This is the name for the joint camping week of the Upper Susquehanna Lutheran Synod and the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania. Find more information here.

Save the Date: ECW Retreat

The Cape May Retreat takes place September 21-23, 2012.

The speaker will be The Rev. Canon Robyn Szoke with a program entitled "Having a Martha Heart in a Mary World." Check the webpage for more details and registration information.

Remember in Your Prayers

Please remember in your prayers Pam Ballinger, Diocesan office receptionist, who has been in  Harrisburg Hospital since Friday morning. We will keep you updated about her progress.  Thank you!

Marian Towers, the wife of Father Paul Towers, sent a note of thanks for all who have sent her cards and well wishes and kept her in their prayers during her cancer treatment. She says that her second chemo went well, but she is feeling the usual side effects. However, at her last tests her tumor has disappeared. She has six more treatments to undergo, so still needs to remain in our thoughts and prayers. Marian writes, “I can't tell you how much your care and support means to Paul and me. So many people are praying for us and I know this has made all the difference. I truly feel blessed and overwhelmed by such an outpouring of love. Thank you all very much.”


The complete diocesan prayer list is available on the website.


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